About artist

My name is Ana. I collect dolls and sew for them for over 12 years. In my collection I have "fashion doll" such as Integrity, Sybarite and Tonner. I also have a collection of BJD dolls in all sizes from YoSD by MSD to SD as well as those with unusual shapes from Iplehouse and Leeke Art.

I'm also mum of three boys and wife for my husband so I have many different duties :)

Clothes made by me are sewn on mashine and finished by hand with attention to details. Many people ask what I'm inspired by. Sometimes it is human fashion from new collection, sometimes clothes that I want to have for myself. Very offen I just see nice fabric and I know what I want to made with. I hope You will find something interesting for your collection in my shop.

You can meet me on polish doll meets and fiew convention in Europe like Dolly Day in Barcelona and Dolls Rendez Vous in Paris. I invite you to meet me in real and see my fashions.

Kind wishes and have a nice shoping!